Password Generator 2013 Professional 3.0

Password Generator 2013 Professional 3.0

This tool can generate unlimited passwords according to your specifications
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Password Generator 2013 Professional is capable of generating unlimited passwords according to your specifications. In fact, this tool can build any kind of random strings you may need, such as usernames, passwords, ID numbers, key codes, etc. The program can generate strings of up to 100 characters and a list of 100,000,000 strings at once, but this will depend on the kind of license you acquire.

Password Generator 2013 Professional offers a nice user interface, in the style of Office 2010. It includes a command ribbon and several panels for you to select all your settings. Besides, you can work in several modes – Basic, Advanced, Pronounceable, Mask, and Number. All these features offer you a really large number of options and parameters for you to tweak. Therefore, it would advise you to start by reading the "Getting Started" section of the help file, in order to make the most of the program's capabilities.

One of the sections in Basic mode allows you to define the minimum and maximum length of the strings and the character sets to use – lowercase, uppercase, special, and numbers. Another section allows you to add “transforms”, which can be thought of as automatic modifications that will be applied to the strings once they are generated. Among those “transforms” you can select reverse characters, shuffle characters, replace/insert/append strings, URL encode/decode, and many others. more

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  • Capable of generating strings of up to 100 characters
  • Can generate up to 100,000,000 of strings at once
  • Nice user interface, with an Office 2010 look and feel
  • Allows you to define the character sets to be used for your strings
  • You can set the minimum and maximum length of the strings to be generated
  • Allows you to apply multiple modifications to your generated strings
  • Allows you to include words from a dictionary in your strings
  • You can create pronounceable passwords


  • Due to the large amount of sections, options and parameters, the program may become hard to use


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